The Equipment

I work with all my Clients to ensure that all their decontamination activities are carried out in a manner that provides the highest level of safety to the end user of their services.

Services provided recently have included:

  • Specifications for new autoclaves, washer disinfectors and ultrasonic washers
  • Specifications for trolley washers
  • Specifications for automated endoscope reprocessors
  • Writing of Operational Policies
  • Advice on instrument tracking systems and marking technologies
  • Advice on containment systems and packaging materials
  • Advice on air handling systems supplying clean rooms
  • Advice on works necessary to upgrade existing facilities to comply with standards and guidance
  • Advice on works necessary to provide new facilities to comply with standards and guidance
  • Advice on achieving a service that can be accredited to BS EN ISO 13485


Combination Items


An important service to my Clients is to ensure that their validation requirements are properly identified and that systems are in place to provide detailed reports to responsible managers closing out any issues that may be preventing equipment continuing in service.

In the commercial production facilities I am often involved in advising on changes to processes that might offer efficiency savings or improve turn round performance. Typical advice ranges around changes to:

  • Machine loading;
  • The wrapping or boxing of sets
  • Materials handling
  • Staff level and operating rotas
  • Transportation methodologies